Farberware FSS330A

Farberware 12” Stainless Steel Electric Fry Pan

Farberware has always been known for top quality cooking appliances, and has been in business for many years.  These heavy duty skillets have a thick aluminum bottom that helps with even heat distribution.  It features an internal heating element, which makes this skillet safer than one with an external one.  This feature also makes the unit easier to clean, because you can immerse the entire thing in water.

Farberware has recently revised the look of these classic stainless steel skillets by updating the handles to higher-quality steel ones.  Their removable probe/thermostat is patented, removable, and can control the heat from a low, “keep warm” simmer, to over 400 degrees F.  Heating distribution across the unit is good, and the stainless steel surface is very easy to clean.

This is a great unit for any kitchen, and just about any application.  It would be good for families, because you can cook a large amount of food all at once, and keep it warm long enough for everyone to eat their fill.  It would also fit nicely in a dorm room, because storage is easy.  The classic appearance is also a plus, and allows the farberware FSS330A to fit in with any decor.  Do not be afraid to buy used, either, because these units are TANKS.  New or used, you can always get your money’s worth out of a Farberware stainless steel skillet.