Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

The Farberware stainless steel electric skillet is known for reliability and quality.  It also brings convenience, good looks, and functionality to cooking appliances.  The Farberware company has been in business for many years.  These skillets are very heavy duty and feature a thick aluminum bottom to help evenly distribute heat. This results in evenly cooked food that is neither burnt nor undercooked and raw.

The farberware stainless steel electric skillet features an internal heating element, which makes this skillet safer than one with an external heating element.  This feature also makes the unit easier to clean, and you will be keeping a safer kitchen for yourself and others – a huge plus if you have children around the house!

Farberware uses high-quality stainless steel handles and knobs on their stainless steel electric skillets.  This keeps the look of the electric skillets simple, but elegant, and also makes them more durable and provides longevity.  The thermostat probe is removable, and can be used to adjust the heat setting from a low simmer to 400 F.    The unit heats evenly, and is extremely easy to clean up, even if food has burned on.

A good stainless steel electric skillet is great for just about anywhere, any kitchen, of any size, and in any area of life.  This is a great unit for a kitchen of any decor, and just about any application.  It makes a great appliance for families, because you can full meals all at once, and the skillet is also able to keep any leftovers warm for hours to accommodate any latecomers.  The stainless steel appearance is nice, subtle, and elegant.  The Farberware stainless steel electric skillet can fit in with a kitchen of any decor.  The units are tough and reliable, which means you can buy them used without fear of minor marks or other damage.  You will be glad you purchased a Farberware if you are in the market for a stainless steel electric skillet.