Using a Farberware Electric Skillet

Recounts of my first time using a Farberware Electric Skillet

I have used many different models and brands of electric skillet in the past.  In fact, cooking with an electric skillet is one of my favorite ways to cook, because it offers so many great features.  When cooking with an electric skillet, you do not have to worry about keeping an eye on multiple pots and pans.  Since you can prepare everything right in the skillet, you just watch that one cooking surface, and you’re done!

Another great thing about cooking with an electric skillet is that they offer easy cleanup.  Since you have only used one pan, you only have to wash one pan!  It makes clean-up a snap, and gives you back some precious time that you could use for other things.

When I first used a Farberware electric skillet, I noticed that it was constructed of the highest quality materials.  It was very solid feeling, and I didn’t worry about the cooking surface chipping off or cracking.  I was also not worried about damaging the skillet by accidentally knocking it off the counter top, because it was so solid feeling.

The Farberware electric skillet reached its cooking heat quickly and easily.  I noticed that it seemed to reach peak cooking temps faster than many other brand electric skillets.  This cuts down on time even more, because you don’t spend as long preparing before you can begin cooking your meal.

A great thing about the Farberware electric skillet is that it can also be set to keep food warm.  This is a great feature that is not always available on cheaper models.  This feature is so good because you can always be sure that your food will still be warm if you want to return for a second helping.

The keep-warm setting can also be used to warm up breads and other soft baked goods.  This is really useful for entertaining, because your guests will always have a nice warm piece of bread waiting, even if you talk for a long time over dinner.

Farberware electric skillets are great for your own use, or for use while entertaining a group of people.